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Fax Machines
Digital Satellite TV

Sprintquip Money Handling Equipment

Telephone Systems

Solar Power
We install
Network and Telephone Cabling

TV Antennas

Telephone Systems
PA Systems

Computer Networks

Solar Power
Alarm Systems
PA Systems
Wind Generators
Surveillance and Alarm Systems
Web Page Design & Publishing Service
NextG WIFI Hot Spot
We service what we sell.
What does this mean for you? Better understanding of the equipment we sell - to supply you with the equipment that works for you. We provide after-sales support and service with any warranty issues.
Our technicians are trained to provide you with fast and efficient service and repairs. We pride ourselves in data protection, providing you with the best solutions to back up your data.
We give you the right advice to ensure your equipment is protected and properly maintained, increasing your productivity and decreasing down-time.